In the news: Vendor raises cool £200


A CITY ice cream vendor has given a lot of ‘lolly’ to charity.

Mike Cobblestone presented £200 to the Shekinah Mission – Plymouth’s leading homeless charity.

The donation, from Cobbles Ices, was inspired by the charity’s involvement in the recent Fastnet Challenge.

“I wasn’t aware of anyone from Plymouth competing in the race but got to know skipper Nigel Mashembo as he walked past the van every day to get his yacht ready,”

said proud Plymothian Mike. “We didn’t know much about sailing or Shekinah at the start but followed the excitement of the race and couldn’t help but be inspired by Nigel and the work that Shekinah does to help people with different issues to get on their feet.”

John Hamblin, CEO of Shekinah, was one of the ten crew members on board Bare Knuckles, which competed in the Fastnet Challenge, led by owner and skipper Nigel Mashembo.

Mr Hamblin, said: “I am thrilled that Cobbles Ices has boosted Shekinah’s fundraising drive. It’s fantastic when local businesses support our work and rally round to help us address real, local issues and make a big difference to local people’s lives.”

The money will be used by the charity to engage the disadvantaged, under skilled and marginalised.

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