Heritage Collection

Michael is an ex member of the military White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team and whilst performing on Triumph 750cc motorcycles he found a passion for vintage vehicles and performance. Michael believes if you’re privileged, as he has been, to be a custodian of a unique find It’s sometimes enough to help preserve them for future generations. On the occasional find Michael has been honoured to have played a part in full restoration projects but by-in-large an army of restorers, mostly from cottage industries, play a larger part.
Alas, to end up the custodian is not always possible so just being able to view a timeless classic, or if fortunate enough a collection of timeless classics, in any restoration phase can be the greatest part of the journey whilst meeting some of the most fascinating people in the world and making lifelong friends..
Sometimes all it takes is a new paint job and some sign writing to transform a vehicle and bring out its true character, as was the case with the Morris J Type Cobbles van, LDK 528, is the only one of its kind in the world. This irreplaceable van has inspired many artists over the years but none captured its intended character quite like the world renowned artist Timmy Mallet whom has, by putting the van onto canvas, has truly preserved it for the future.

Below is a gallery of our journey’s over the years.